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Check Out

A Check Out details the differences in the condition of the property, furniture or other items within the premises that may have occurred during the period of the tenancy. Be this in décor, fixtures and fittings, furniture or damages. 

In order to complete a completely accurate Check Out inspection, it is vital to refer to the Inventory, or more importantly the signed Check In report, in order to compare the condition of before and after. If a complete and detailed Check In report has been completed, then it would be difficult for either party to refute the results provided at the end of the tenancy.

It is also important that the Check Out should be completed as close to the end of tenancy as possible, so that there can be no argument about damage having been caused once the tenant has moved out. We always recommend completing the Check Out, with the Tenant present, around 1 hour before they leave. We would then take all sets of keys from the tenant, allow them time to leave the property and lock up after ourselves, returning the keys to the clients instruction. The deposit can only be handed back once both parties have agreed to any charges.

To complete a Check Out inspection accurately, National Inventories will attend with a copy of the initial inventory. This will either be on our own bespoke software if the original inspection was completed by us, or via PDF or paper copy if we are to refer to another companies Inventory Report. A full inspection of the property will then be undertaken and any changes within the property will be recorded. These can be positive changes, negative changes or general fair wear and tear.
The Deposit Protection Service state that “It is possible for any party to provide an Inventory, and any such evidence will be considered by the Adjudicator. However, the inventory documentation may be a crucial factor in deciding the dispute between the parties.”

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