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Check In

Although the Inventory ensures a complete and detailed list of all items within the property, along with their condition, the Tenant could still claim they were unaware of the condition of the property without a signed report. This is where the check in comes into play.

An Inventory Report without a signature could invalidate any chance of the Landlord making a claim for damages against the deposit, through any Dispute Resolution Scheme (DRS). Likewise, the Tenant should ensure the same to protect his deposit.

Without both the Landlords/Clerks and the Tenants Signature, there is no evidence of an agreement. As the onus is on the Landlord to prove it rather than the Tenant to disprove it, you must have this evidence to support any claim.

If the Tenant has (during the Check In procedure), every opportunity to verify or dispute each item/aspect of the property and we are able to obtain his/her signature on the inventory report, they can safely be regarded as having approved the contents and condition of the report.
This is why a Check In is as important, if not more so, than the actual Inventory.

Please note that any errors or omissions at this point could invalidate the point of a Check in. Please let the Professionals complete it.
The Inventory Clerk would attempt to show the Incoming Tenant every item in the property, including the doors, floors, walls, fixtures and fittings and give the Tenant the opportunity to make any comments. Once this is completed a copy of the report will be sent to the client who should send it straight onto the Tenant for them to check within a suitable time period. 

National Inventories are able to offer 2 Check in options

1: The first is where we would complete the Check In with the Tenant immediately after completion of the inspection. Using our bespoke software, our tablet computers can instantly show the tenant all the information we have input into it, without needing to go back to an office first to compile the Report. This means that the Tenant can see exactly what we have seen, with no time discrepancies.
Using this first option also means all your information is in one place as we would amend the Report with any queries or omissions directly on our tablets computers without delay.
We can offer this service at a reduced rate as only one time slot is needed instead of two.

2: The second option is where we would complete the Inventory first and return for the Check In at a later date. This is sometimes necessary when there is limited time frame and we complete the works before other contractors enter the premise, a change is to occur within the property, or a Tenant is unable to make an appointment on the agreed inventory date.
We would create a second document to be used in conjunction with our inventory which will highlight only the amendments agreed between ourselves, the client (when present) and the Tenant.

On both instances, we would also take the meter readings along with photographs of the meters. Record any and all keys handed over to the tenant directly and take that all important signature from the tenant.

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