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What is an Inventory

In a nutshell, an Inventory is a legally binding document that identifies and documents everything visible within a property along with its current condition.

Due to current legal requirements which ensure Landlords and Letting agents register deposits with an appropriate scheme (i.e. TDS, DPS, My Deposits) it is very important to have an accompanying Inventory. By Law, in order to deduct any sum of monies from a Tenants deposit, a Landlord must, without any exception, prove that damages were caused by the tenant, beyond reasonable ‘fair wear and tear’ (FW&T) This is only accomplished with a suitable Inventory, preferably created by a third party.

How does it work?

During an Inventory Inspection, our Clerks will walk around the entire property and create a digital report which overviews the condition of each item within the property along with accompanying photographs. Unlike many inventory companies, National Inventories photograph every item that has been added to the report. Then, a suitable description will be typed to accompany the condition and photographs which will describe the item in as much detail as the clerk deems necessary. These descriptions will usually include the material, the colour, the condition and a note of any markings.

Items included within a report vary depending on the property, but will usually consist of (but not limited to) the Doors, Floors, Walls, Windows, Radiators, Sockets and switches and lastly the fixtures and fittings.

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