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National Inventories offers an extensive range of services, these include Inventories, Check Ins, Check Outs, Interims, same day Inventory and Check In and our very own ‘Significant Damage and Condition’ Report...

Can your current provider offer the same?

Every Clerk has a minimum of 10 years experience

Discounted Check In Fee on same day Inventory & Check In. A service we can offer due to our bespoke software allowing us instant, on site access to our completed report.

Inventories are accurate, detailed, easy to follow and fast to produce

Our advanced software allows us to deliver reports, unlimited images and digital signatures to you within 2 working days

Professional Liability & Employers Public Liability Insurance

Agent's monthly statement or immediate invoice payment option

Our Inventory Clerks use state of the art tablet computers to record all relevant data, using our own bespoke software.

Our software enables us to take photographic evidence direct to the tablet.

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About Us

National Inventories started in 2008 as a partner company to the very well established, National Stocktakers, who had clients across the UK.
Jeffrey Etherton, founder of National Inventories, is the Director of National Stocktakers. It was his idea to bring Commercial and Residential inventories under one roof, thus starting National Inventories.
Since 2008, Jeffs son, Dex Etherton, who is the current manager and head Clerk at National Inventories, has completed well over 1,000 inspections and trained many other Inventory Clerks. With over 11 years of experience in the field, Dex oversees the day to day running’s of National Inventories along with completing his own share of Inventory Inspections for the large number of Landlords and Lettings Agents already using our services.

National Inventories currently cover the majority of England, Northern Ireland and North and South Wales. We have a large database of tried and tested Inventory Clerks across these areas to complete work on our behalf where necessary as well as having our own employed and self employed Clerks.

All inspections carried out by our own Clerks are completed on handheld computing devices, which run a completely bespoke system, created by IT experts working off of the specifications laid out by the in the house experts.

As of March 2019, National Stocktakers and National Inventories were merged together under the incorporated name of J. Etherton and Company Ltd.