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What is an Interim

An Interim inspection, as per its name, is an inspection carried out during the tenancy, this can be anything from 3 months in to years down the line, depending on length of tenancy. Many of our Landlords decide to get interim inspections carried out at regular intervals, often booking our services in at the same time as the Inventory. However, do not be worried if you have not done this, we are always willing to undertake interims at any point.

Here at National Inventories we offer 2 different types of interim inspections, both with their own prices. We offer the basic, but informative “Significant Damage and Condition” Report. This is basically a schedule of condition which will highlight each area and give any specific information we believe a Landlord or Letting agent should be made aware of.

The other inspection, which we simply call an “interim inspection” is where we would visit a property along with our inventory (or any inventory given to us by the landlord) and complete a full comparison report, similar to a Check Out.

Our interim prices start from just £45, if you would like any further information please telephone us on 01708 766223 or by clicking here